The Artist

Amber has been working as a freelance makeup artist with a little over 4 years of experience. Her love for makeup came circa 2015, when her purse was stolen out of the trunk of her car and just about all of the makeup she owned was forever gone.  After the stolen purse incident, Amber decided to replenish her makeup kit and splurge on new products that were being released at Sephora and Ulta. Amber discovered her love for makeup after this and decided to apply at Ulta Beauty . Along with fully immersing herself within the beauty industry while working at Ulta Beauty, Amber decided to take number of classes to continue to educate herself about the Makeup Artistry Industry to develop and perfect her craft. Amber is also currently working on completing her Makeup Artist Certification to be able to better assist both clients and other artists within the field.

Amber continues to meet the need of every request from her bridal clients to her photo-shoot clients and all of the ones in between. She also prides herself in being able to deliver exceptional customer service along with reasonable and affordable services. Amber continues to broaden her knowledge and experience with all skin tones and skin types. She likes to consider her artistry a natural glam, where the client still looks very natural however, having the ability to provide clients with a side of glam.  Many of the clients Amber has worked with have been so amazed at the end of their beauty session and have been very pleased at her level and ability to enhance one’s beauty, the natural way. Amber’s goal is to be able to assist those who are unable or are not knowledgeable about the “how to” in proper makeup application. Amber’s bubbly personality and punctual business practices have always been a trait that she has had, which many clients have consistently raved about.  

January 2019, Amber launched her Faux Mink Eyelash Online (The Lash Bouquet) store to be able to provide lashes to the lash lovers of the world. Amber continues to grow her craft with her artistry business and desires to offer many other services in the future to contribute to the beauty industry.

Let's get started and together we can make your beauty shine.